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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  April 30, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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two laborers returned home from work and decided to unwind in their truck before walking into their respective town homes. >> consuming beer inside the vehicles. the victim was approached by three black males and struck in the face with anen known object. >> reporter: an hour after the attack the victim made his way two doors down to his coworker's place covered in blood. >> when he walked into the house, someone came and whooped him. >> reporter: they took his big screen tv, dog and nearly took his life. the victim sustained a fractured bone in his face and needed more than 80 stitches to close a gash and neighbors say it could have been worse. these memorials suggest it usually is in winding broofnlgt
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sherry black lost her brother last year. >> he died supposedly two houses down. they picked his body up and put him outside of my mom's house. >> reporter: shootings, even pizza delivery. >> no one cares about winding broofnlgt we're on president outside of town. nobody cares about us. >> reporter: in cecil county, jeff hager. >> the victim's friend said the stolen dog mysteriously showed up the next day. well tonight annapolis police are looking for two men connected to a triple stabbing at an elks long. it happened on sullivan islands road. a private party and a fight broke out. if you have any information, you
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should call the southern district at 410-222-1965. let's go to harford county, county executive david craig said some leaders are playing politics. a bill before the county council would establish a commission con srng fire and rest ciew. some thought this was a push to have a paid fire department but the county executive said that was never the intention. >> it appears we're not getting the leadership and change from some members of the council and some members of the association. >> executive craig said the advisory board should not be a threat to anyone and those opposing such a commission are not acting in the best interest of public safety but rather political safety. >> the state's top court said pitbull owners along with their landlords are liable if a dog lay tacks or injures another. the court said pitbulls are a
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breed that are inherently shy -- vicious. owners think the decision is a wrong one. >> reporter: they feel people knew what they were dealing with. this stems from a case where a 10-year-old was attacked. the family sued the landlord and own are. many say bad owners create vicious dogs of any breed so you can't consider a whole breed of dogs as being vie shums. baltimore city about 50% of the people are renters and they are a afraid many folks may have this give up their dog to an uncertain future. >> it's not about the breed. we know thousands and thousands of people who own pitbull terriers and they're great dogs,
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great family pets. there are cases where there are bite cases but that happens with all breeds, so it's really not fair to discriminate. >> reporter: educating owners before they adoesn't them is the key here. she said a breed like a pit is a very active dog that need has lot of exercise and not a doing that should be locked up or crated. she said owners need to understand that. >> all right. let's go out for a dog walk or also you can go on for a car ride here. we will check the mndot cameras and let's take a look at your first forecast with wyatt everhart. it's been like a dim per switch -- dimmer switch. >> we got a little bit of sun. it's been cool, unseasonably so. normally up around 7:00, couldn't get there with the
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clouds. maryland's most powerful radar still staying clear and dry but we expect that to change early tomorrow morning after 2:00, 3:00, 4:00. temperatures low to mid-60s. these numbers would have been much higher had we not had the persist tnt cloud cover. the warm front could generate a shower or thunderstorm in the morning and the sunshine midday should push us up close to 0 -- 80 by 4:00. more is coming up. the national -- national highway traffic safety administration is stepping up it's look into corrosion problems in the ford free star and monterey mini vans. so we understand there are 22 completes in the rear wheel
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wells. the rust made it difficult to latch the folding back seat. there seems to be an app for just about everything. there's an app that fights racial profiling at the airport. it allows users to report tsa agents for racial profiling. several organizations are calling if a marriage between technology and civil rights activism. the app was unveiled today at a news conference. travelers have few complaints about bwi-thurgood marshall. travel and leisure said the low record of delays, short lines, great communication by airport employees. dulles came in as one of the worst in the nation. microsoft is teaming up tonight with barnes & noble to take a big bite out of apple. microsoft is buying a 17.6% stake in barnes & noble e book
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reader, the nook. the million dollar deal will include a nook application for windows 8. it comes after barnes & noble said it was spinning off into a separate company. there are new career opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities in baltimore county. today the institution opened it's $3 million career center in woodlawn. it would a 250 disabled adults. baltimore county executive kevin kamenetz. >> there's a growing demand to provide these men and women with the skills they need to succeed. >> the career center will provide job coaching. if these walls at the mt.
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washington tavern could talk. how about the books. if you have ever toasted one, then you want a brick from the mt. washington tavern. if you buy a $75 brick, you'll help rebuild. many will go to the mt. washington pediatric center much the tavern hopes to reopen in september. the scars for military combat can be both emotional and physical. abc2 news kelly swoope joins us top tell us about operation return to duty. >> rich blake is doing his part by biking from here to tacoma, washington. blake joined the marines in 2003 and is headed back to active duty, this time as a captain. he will work as a psychology intern. blake, who cofounded the
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branches, teaming up with the health and wellness, helps veterans stay healthy. the bike trip is a wi to give back. >> trying to raise money for a couple of nonprofits stationed in baltimore and health and wellness. if anyone wants to help out, that should get them to a page where they scan track me on gps and donate if they would like to. >> he has until june 4th to complete his trip. kelly swoop. >> that is great. >> all right. it's our civic duty to perform juror duty -- jury duty. but there's a! you need to flow about. that story is coming up. how much is mom worth. they are the boss of the home. what should mom be paid? we'll find out.
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out at the airport today just 62 so far. we guaranteed you 65, so no winner. 70 would be normal. we have a chance to get. there new weather brewing to the west could mean bigger warmer temperatures. that's coming up right after this break. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes
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here we are in dunn -- dundalk. you're watching us at the hard rock cafe. beautiful dundalk. thank you very much there, wyatt.
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wyatt will be right up with the rest of the weather. when it shows new your mail you cringe. although jury duty isn't fun, ditching it on purpose could get you into trouble. scammers know that. they're using that fact into scaring you. >> reporter: the idea of sitting in court, listening to our after hour of testimony meet make anybody look for excuses. >> we all dread it. >> reporter: but it's your civic responsibility and the court is counting on you to show up. scammers know that, so they're using jury duty in their latest scheme. they call at night claiming they work for the court and you're going to be arrested for not showing up for jury duty. >> it's another oift -- identity thief to steal our information. >> reporter: they clan get it if you tell the caller you won't
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call for duty. they will ask you to verify personal information. >> it sounds official. it sounds like someone in authority and we're wired to respond to folks in that capacity. >> reporter: but these are scammers playing a role on the phone. so keep in mind jury notices are typically sent by mail. if you miss your date, the clerk would likely call during business hours. court officials also don't ask for things like your social security number or bank account. >> they will not call you first. if you get this call and they're saying we're coming to arrest you, nobody's going to give yaw head's -- you a head's up. >> credit card or else, wow, if you get one of these phone calls, hang up. zoo provide personal information over the -- don't provide personal information over the
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phone. contact the court. all right, you can find out more about this story or other storm alerts with joce sterman. just head to and click on the money tab at the top of our home page. let's take a look pat your mony. gas prices are down. the average price for a gallon of regular down to $3.82. aaa said prices are eight cents lower than a month ago. the make driving season is just aren't the corner. we're always working to help you save money. log on to our website to find the lowest gas prices in our area. just look under the traffic tab. >> how much are moms worth? priceless. they have several jobs including driver, psychologist and ceo of the entire household. if we had to put a number on it, according to, stay at
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home moms work 974-point hours a -- 97.4 hours a week. working moms work 57.9 hours a week. their work is worth more than 66,000 a year but upcan't put a pries tag on mom's work. all right. nice looking day of weather out there now at least with some sun coming out. it has been a cool and breezy one. there goes the water taxi. 62 at bwi. winds are southeast at 13. cooler than average but on the whole not a bad day and much warmer air is on president way. more on that in one second. first in annapolis, state capital with sunshine occasionally over the seven river. bel air, bright spots but the
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clouds holding tough. one last stuff for rolling park. things are getting awfully grown. i think we'll get the warm temps with that very, very short order as we go through midday. maryland's most powerful radar clear for the moment. take a look at the temperatures, low mid-60s, mid-50s at beach in york. in oakland that's our warm spot toward deep creek lake, bright and sunny. winds from the south to southeast. that could be a cool breeze. water temps chilly. humidity right now moderately high, so that makes this feel cooler still. that damp feeling in the air. everything getting ready to change, almost like clock work in the first few hours of may. we look for a warm front to come in. that's likely to bring with this active weather, rain to the west. now with this storm system, what
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we're watching is the very warm air building in south of this warm front. this will end up being our tuesday morning weather maker. we're talking early. this warm front, that likely will spark showers and maybe some thunder showers. you could weak up to the rumble of thunder. roads could be wet. by midday tomorrow this air mid-80s in cincinnati, charlotte mapped charleston. that is the warmup that's on the way for us and likely to be with us through most of the week here. the trend right now shows that possibility of showers, even thundershowers into the early morning hours past midnight and then clearing. we could still see a few pop-up thundershowers tomorrow afternoon. wednesday, right now interesting. showers west and cool air in pennsylvania may mix down into maryland for one day, so wednesday's high temperature is very tricky, we're thinking
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upper 70s. tomorrow look last lot warmer. 55 overnight, cloudy and come. the chance for showers toward daybreak and morning showers. after that warmer. we'll guarantee 80 degrees. what a change that will be. tomorrow night variably cloudy and mild. how do things look in the seven-day forecast? in a word, warmer. look at these numbers. we're ushing -- pushing up into the low 80s for the rest of the week. wednesday we could end up closer to 70 but just for a dpai. look at that warmup, thursday, friday, saturday. first week of may. >> ocean city open 12 month as year. last week gladys knight and tristan took the midnight train
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to georgia. when the couples wrap upper that individual routines, they'll hit the dance floor for the first team dances. it's all tonight. you can catch it on the dance floor tonight at 8:00. stay close for castle at 10:00 followed by abc2 news at 11. wyatt, panda in training. the chits panda is one -- chinese panda is one step closer to living in the wild. the handlers dressed up as pandas to get him ready for the new home. he won't be living alone. his mother will be going with him as it should be. it's a mother with a child, should always be that way. like that panda suit? >> that's good. >> that's good. >> all right. we'll find out about the weather next. ♪
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before we go kelly joins us with a look at what's coming up at 11. >> we used to call them soccer moms. tonight we take a look at how the sock per mom is evolving, her new name and why she may hold the future of the nation had in her hand.
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>> plus, girls playing sports traditionally for boys, why hasn't this boy been able to play field hockey. >> what is it like for tonight? >> not a bad evening, rain free. so you're dry. maybe you need that light fleece, that ravens fleece. we've got temperatures in the upper 50s now in pose spots, towson, sparrows point. a few spots are slightly warmer. tomorrow this is where the big warmup comes, 80 by 4, maybe a morning thundershower, so plan your commute. there's the rest of the week. this will be mighty different for may. >> all right. let's go up to new york right now. diane sawyer, today the one world trade center passed the empire state building. >> see you tonight at 11:00. ♪
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